CUSTOMER NOTICE MAY 2020: We are now taking email and voicemail bookings for our professional Rug Cleaning Services, where we can collect and return deliver your cleaned pieces to your door, so that you can safely enjoy the fantastic results at home! Due to the current heavy demand for our services, we advise that you book your pieces in as early as possible. We transform all types of stained, allergen-filled, soiled and dust-worn rugs into clean, virus-free and safe-to-use, silky-soft pieces once more, using our specialist de-dusting and professional deep-wash cleaning works and corrective stain-odour treatments to shake out, flush away and hygienically remove harmful debris build-ups, with fantastic results! Our meticulously applied rug de-dusting safely eliminates embedded accumulations that vacuuming alone cannot remove, combined with our specialist rug cleaning that thoroughly penetrates and deep cleanses your pieces. Unlike dry-cleaning systems used in-situ, our powerful deep-wash rug works give a better, more conditioned clean, with the rug colours revived, the pile thoroughly dried, cleansed and refreshed, and the yarn lustre restored! While our eco-safe, individually applied, stain-odour treatments will disinfect, alleviate and improve deeply absorbed and saturated stubborn stains, odours and colour-run. Contact us by email or leave a voicemail today and we will confirm your booking within 24 hours. :::::

Our antique, old and new tribal weavings, bags and trappings, have been sourced globally to offer the very best in authentic hand-knotted tribal pieces. All traditionally hand-woven by craftsmen weavers from around the world, these eclectic and one-off pieces combine wool, silk and camel hair on either a cotton, wool or horsehair foundation, using a colour palette of natural dyes. Our Tribal rugs and carpets lend a rustic ambience and are ideal for firesides or as a striking individual piece, blending well with either contemporary- or traditional-style soft furnishings. The smaller pieces are often decorated with flourishes of beads, shells or embroidery threads – making them truly unique.  

Our Rug Craftsman and dealer passion and expertise ensure that we individually source and select only the finest tribal weavings that capture the weaving craft at it’s most vivacious and enigmatic ranging from rugs, bags and trappings of all shapes, designs, colourways and sizes.

We also offer our specially-devised Rug and Textile Wall Hanging Technique in any size, to display your treasured tribal rug, bag or trapping, should you require it. Please see our Rug Wall Hanging information listed in ‘Our Services’ drop-down menu above.

Syrian Aba
In stock in Rug Gallery pile GU31
Syrian Aba
In stock in Rug Gallery pile GU31
Syrian Aba
In stock in Rug Gallery pile GU31
Afshar bag
In stock in Rug Gallery pile GU31


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