Step into our World of Rug Weavings... DELVE INTO... a fabulous treasure trove of decorative Rug Masterpieces at Surrey’s award-winning Rug Specialists! ADD A DASH OF PANACHE... to brighten up your homes and create beautiful interiors with our stylish rug weavings - all hand-woven in sumptuous textures and decorative designs. CHOOSE... your ‘perfect piece’ from a fabulous array of authentic rug weavings - all individually sourced for our Rug Collections. Each finely-crafted piece is traditionally hand-made by craftsmen weavers, using silky-soft yarns in natural dyes, where the rug's practicality, durability and good quality will last a lifetime! ::::: Welcome to Surrey's award-winning The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd, a solely independent company of Rug Specialists, Rug Dealers and Master Rug Craftsmen, established in Wey Hill, Haslemere, and a family rug business since 1910. :::::
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We also undertake the following rug, oriental rug and carpet, and tapestry services:

A customer Collection Service from anywhere within the UK (prices assessed on: distance, actual size of piece, and weight & size of piece when folded) for any rug, oriental rug, oriental carpet or tapestry that has been booked for our cleaning and/or stain corrective treatment works and services in The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd's custom-built Cleaning Studio.

Please contact us for more details and booking availability.


A customer Delivery and Return Delivery Service to anywhere within the UK (prices assessed on: distance, actual size of piece, and weight & size of piece when folded) for purchased pieces or where cleaning and/or stain corrective treatment works and services have been undertaken for pieces in The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd's custom-built Cleaning Studio.

Please contact us for more details and booking availability.


Our Bespoke Rug Search Service: if after exploring our online rug selections and further viewing pieces in the Rug Gallery Showroom from the hundreds of pile rugs and flatweaves we have in stock at The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd's Shop and extensive stockroom range, where you still can't see the piece you are looking for, we will endeavour to further source a few select pieces that match your bespoke requirements, as per current stock availability. Once any pieces have been sourced, we will contact you to arrange a viewing of the pieces at The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd. Please note that although we offer this bespoke rug service free of charge, this extra sourcing time is limited due to the demands of our Rug Gallery's many other specialist rug works and services we provide for our customers.

Our Rug Colour & Design Matching Service: is focused on helping customers choose the rug that is right for them, from our vast stock at The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd. An appointment is booked for a Rug Consultation with Sandre, our Rug Gallery's award-winning Decorative Woven Arts Creative. During your appointment, we will talk through your rug specifications, styles, colours, yarn and preferred rug textural type, size, price range and budget.

To help us source a selection of our rugs that most closely match your chosen colour and design specifications of your room interior, please bring any available soft furnishing items or swatches, paint colours, wallpaper, flooring or fitted carpet samples, where an already prepared 'mood board' and/or 'room plan' of your interior would further help with matching your specifications, to the appointment,

Whether you are an interested individual, an interior designer, a private collector, or a corporate customer, we will be happy to source the piece that is perfect for you!

Please contact us for more details of these bespoke Rug Services and booking availability.


Viewing rugs of 1.50m (5') or more in length: due to their size, weight and manageability, please ensure you book a 'Rug Viewing Appointment' at our Shop's Showroom – a minimum of 2 days advance, where a maximum of seven rugs in this size range can be viewed at any one appointment.

Rug Viewing Appointment: is pre-booked 1-2 days in advance at The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd's Shop Showroom, for customers wishing to view a selection of rugs. Please bring any available colour, texture and pattern samples or swatches and soft furnishings, to help determine the hand-woven rugs that are right for you, and your minimum and maximum rug width and length sizes, as all our hand-woven pieces are unique, with no two pieces the same size or colourways.

Rug Reference: to save time waiting during your rug viewing appointment, while we locate and layout the chosen rugs to view from the hundreds in stock at our shop and as well as helping other customers, if you have already seen suitable rugs during a previous visit to our Rug Gallery or on our website, let us know the rug reference in advance or when you book your appointment, so that we can have these pieces laid out and ready for you to view.

Rug Home-Viewing Appointment: offered to customers after initially viewing a selection of our rugs with suitable sizing and colour specifications in The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd's Shop Showroom in Wey Hill, Haslemere. An appointment can then be arranged for the selected chosen pieces to be brought to your premises, to help determine the suitability of a piece for your interior, subject to availability within your area and our terms & conditions.

Meanwhile, we are happy to offer our Rug Specialist knowledge and expertise and our Rug Interior advice on style, colour blending and rug designs to help you decide the suitability of pieces, if requested.

Please contact us if you wish to book a Rug Viewing Appointment at The Oriental Rug Gallery Ltd, for any of the above services.

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